JAWS Inspect Q2 Release: New Features!

With this release, we have added some major productivity enhancements to make JI quicker and easier to use. The new features include:

Run the Speech Viewer as an AppBar

AppBar below screen

You can now dock the Speech Viewer at the top of your screen (with your browser or whatever application you are testing docked below). This will make it easier to explore the JAWS speech output while performing tasks. The Speech Viewer will not get in the way and you will always have it in the same easy-to-reach location.

JAWS Inspect Help Articles

JI Help Text

Our Full Page Report now includes links to HTML help articles. The articles explain exactly how JAWS behaves with standard elements such as images, links, lists, etc., and the kind of JAWS output to expect, along with recommendations on the best way to support JAWS users with your web content and coding.

Default User Mode option

For those running JAWS Inspect in tandem with JAWS (or those who simply run JAWS on the same system) we now provide an option to switch JAWS to default user mode. This effectively turns off any options such as the Braille or Text Viewer that might interfere with JAWS Inspect, as well as ensuring a consistent experience.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed as part of this release:

  • “Unable to find document” error when running a Full-Page Report with website.
  • Highlight Element doesn’t work in all browsers
  • No URL is displayed in the Element Properties dialog with and without activating JI

Download a demo version of JAWS Inspect to try it for yourself!