ARC Domain Scan

Turn data into actionable insights with TPGi’s automated accessibility testing and monitoring solution for domains including websites and web applications.
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More Than Just a WCAG Conformance Scanning Solution

Robust Dashboards

View machine-detectable WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 accessibility defects (prioritized by impact and severity) and remediation progress over time via elegant graph displays within ARC.


Actionable Insights

Alerts and errors are paired with code-level remediation techniques, a contextual KnowledgeBase, and e-learning Tutor modules.

Solve your Problem

Document Conformance

Document your progress for risk mitigation and demonstrate efforts to achieve accessibility.

Automated WCAG Density Scoring


API integrates with any platform that uses open APIs, including CI/CD and bug tracking software.

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ARC Monitoring is fast, effective, and scalable

ARC Monitoring is more than a scanning solution; it turns data into actionable insights. Easily see what pages have the highest density of certain types of WCAG accessibility defects.

Track progress over time and compare the performance of different sites, pages, or user flows. Use ARC Monitoring dashboards and data visualization features to guide you with priorities and trends, providing a powerful visual representation of your entire accessibility program.

The right data in the right hands. Never overloaded.

How ARC Monitoring drives accessibility

  • Measure and track historical performance in ARC Dashboards. View trends and priorities.
  • Use dashboards that suit your users: Customer (multi-domain), Domain, Folder, Page, and Issue
  • Compare results and trends across sites and domains
  • Future proof and flexible. Toggle your dashboard to show results from different engines, different accessibility standards, or jump back in time to an earlier dashboard

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Dashboards (hosted in Workspaces) track progress and prioritize success criteria that have a significant impact on accessibility

  • Establish quick wins, making significant impacts on accessibility by identifying global elements that impact multiple pages.
  • Segment alerts from errors so you can focus remediation on more serious issues.

illustration displaying how automated monitoring for accessibility errors works

illustration showing an example of solutions to accessibility website problems

Solving Problems is Easy with Contextual KnowledgeBase that connects the problem directly to the solution.

  • Code-level remediation techniques provide developers with exactly how to solve the problem.
  • Trusted solutions that meet the strictest WCAG conformance requirements.

Get full access to KnowledgeBase and Tutor for your team.

Proactive Accessibility Integrated with DevOps saves Time and Money

Chart demonstrating the level of effort for two opposing management styles (Proactive versus Reactive) across the SDLC (plan/design, develop/build, test, deploy/release, monitor, and remediation). Proactive shows higher level of effort in the early stages of plan/design but overall reduced efforts over time versus "reactive" which shows less effort in the early stages but significantly more ongoing remediation effort.

Extend ARC Domain Scans into your SDLC via the ARC Integrations

Take a proactive approach by conducting on-demand testing against the same evaluation rulesets prior to the code or content being accepted into the repository. Integrate accessibility monitoring into your DevOps by leveraging the same ruleset used by ARC Monitoring in the ARC API.

By integrating on-demand testing into your organization’s CI/CD process, you’ll ensure your systems, user flows, and other digital content comply with success criteria during the early stages of the development cycle.

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ARC Monitoring is the critical automation and testing tool for firms looking to achieve long-term accessibility

ARC Monitoring is one part of an entire accessibility ecosphere that is the ARC Platform. Combined with the trusted resources, analytics, expert-level support, ARC Platform provides scalability and efficiency in identifying and resolving accessibility issues.

ARC Platform. Illustration categorizes capabilities into three buckets. Analytics: User Flows, API, Monitoring, and Toolkit. Content: Tutor and KnowledgeBase. Pro Services: HelpDesk, Onboarding, and Platform Support

ARC Monitoring saves you significant time identifying and solving machine-detectable accessibility issues.

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ARC Monitoring is unique in its ability to integrate teams, systems, and data.

Fully Integrated Solution

ARC Monitoring and all ARC components fully integrate to provide a central location to monitor, test, and report on conformance achievements.

Overarching Visibility

Historical data from accessibility monitoring is presented in ARC Monitoring dashboards, giving program managers full visibility into policy compliance across your SDLC.

Policy-Driven Code Acceptance

ARC Monitoring provides the baseline datasets necessary to set policies. Then the automated scanning can be used to test against them.

ARC Monitoring Specifications

Customized Testing:
ARC Analytics is a robust accessibility testing automation service used for scheduled and on-demand testing of your product domains scan, user flows, pages, and components. Find your ARC Monitoring domain data in your dashboard.

Customized Reporting:
Organize documents, assets, manual testing, and automated testing results in a single location that makes storing, finding, and sharing critical information fast and easy.

Automated Testing:
Accessibility can be challenging in complex environments. Increase your knowledge exponentially by tapping our experts for quick, personalized solutions when needed.

Start small but know you will not outgrow ARC, which is used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. ARC is engineered to provide value at all stages, whether you have a single domain or hundreds of properties.

Complete control over what you test and when. Only pay for what you use. Use scheduled testing for consistent measurement or test on-demand for flexibility and control. Add and remove properties and set frequency as needed.

ARC includes policies, controls, procedures, and technologies to provide secure options for clients with strict security and data privacy requirements.


All aspects of the ARC platform utilize the ARC API. This means that all the content and capabilities available through our Cloud portal can also be delivered directly into customer development environments, content management systems or at any point in their software pipeline. Run accessibility tests using the ARC Rules in Azure Dev Ops. Raise accessibility bugs in JIRA projects. Generate management reports directly inside Excel worksheets. The ARC API provides a unique level of flexibility when it comes to spreading the accessibility workload throughout your organization.

ARC Dev Tools

Integrate ARC’s accessibility rules engine into your existing end-to-end or functional tests relying on browser automation tools.

  • ARC-WebDriver

    A NodeJS wrapper around the ARC Rules engine enabling you to easily include ARC’s accessibility tests in your existing end-to-end tests driven by WebDriver.

  • ARC-Playwright

    A NodeJS wrapper around the ARC Rules engine enabling you to easily include ARC’s accessibility tests in your existing end-to-end tests driven by Playwright.

ARC Platform Companion Products

JAWS Inspect

Simulate the JAWS user experience across your digital properties for screen reader testing

Explore JAWS Inspect

ARC Toolkit

Professional-level accessibility testing chrome extension for testing individual pages on-demand

Learn More About ARC Toolkit

Color Contrast Checker

Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1

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