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Practising Law Institute (PLI)

In 2017, Practising Law Institute (PLI) turned to TPGi when they realized the magnitude of what it would take to achieve their accessibility goals.

TPGi was able to work with them on the following initiatives

  • Development accessibility training for PLI’s Software Engineering and Product Management teams
  • Multiple comprehensive manual accessibility reviews for PLI’s website and digital content
  • Several VPAT iterations
  • Expert helpdesk support to enable PLI developers to resolve difficult accessibility challenges
  • Accessibility monitoring and testing via TPGi’s ARC Monitoring service to proactively identify issues


PLI’s site went from being riddled with inaccessible content to one that provides an accessible user experience for their customers. They managed to reduce their WCAG failures by over 90% since starting their partnership with TPGi.

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VitalSource, a recognized innovator in the digital course materials market, partnered with TPGi to integrate agile accessibility support into its processes as the company’s needs grew more complex.

TPGi supported VitalSource in several ways

  • Agile implementation
  • Guidance during the development planning stage
  • Iterative product development


  • Countless hours and resources saved that would have been required to fix errors in the post-development stage
  • Accessibility testing at a magnitude previously thought to be too costly or time-prohibitive to tackle
  • Reduced incidence of accessibility errors requiring future remediation
  • Accessibility has become an integral part of the DevOps culture, lowering legal risk

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Intellezy, an award-winning change management and learning and development (L&D) firm, was looking to improve the accessibility of its training videos and user platform. It had received informal requests for information on how it handled accessibility as well as RFP’s (request for proposal) requiring a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

TPGi supported Intellezy in several ways

The firm engaged TPGi to create a VPAT and to begin testing and monitoring its web content for accessibility using TPGi’s ARC platform. Due to its partnership with TPGi, Intellezy can now:

  • Respond to RFPs requiring VPATs and be confident in its level of accessibility.
  • Present formal documentation to back up its claims in the form of a VPAT.
  • Boast a competitive advantage in its industry thanks to its new status and use the VPAT as an additional sales tool.
  • Enjoy significantly reduced risk and serve a larger target audience

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Nelnet needed the ability to effectively and efficiently review its marketing sites for accessibility on an ongoing basis, so it decided to explore options that would make it easier to identify errors and glean the information needed for the developers to take action and remediate the issues.


Now Nelnet relies on ARC Monitoring to identify machine-detectable accessibility failures and streamline workflow. ARC Monitoring’s dashboards also enable them to track progress and demonstrate it to stakeholders. Even better: they can now pinpoint trends that could indicate deeper accessibility issues or the need for process changes, thanks to the concrete proof provided by ARC Monitoring.

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