Flexible, Relevant Training Options for Every Organization

On-Site Training

Focused role-based accessibility training to educate members in the workflow. Varied interaction styles keep people engaged.

Remote Training

Flexible and efficient training for key members of the accessibility workflow. Easy to join and learn from anywhere.

Role-Based Education

Pragmatic and useful fact-based education that uses real-world examples. We draw from our backgrounds to ensure relevance.

Build Team Cohesion

Individuals better understand their roles in the accessibility workflow while seeing how everyone must work together.

Accessibility training introduces people to its benefits and best practices and helps minimize future accessibility failures.

Accessibility is not a single person or department’s responsibility. But without proper education, how will people know what they need to change and how their role relates to a consistent, holistic accessible experience for customers? With TPGi training, you will gain buy-in from each team member for how their role contributes to safeguarding accessibility.

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Empower Your Team to Create and Maintain an Accessible Digital Experience

Acquire Relevant and Pragmatic Role-Based Knowledge

  • Your team will only learn what is best-suited for their positions, ensuring they won’t feel overwhelmed or that the training doesn’t apply to them
  • Training appeals to a wide variety of job titles, from developers and designers all the way to executives and project managers
  • Attendees can hit the ground running with immediate takeaways
  • Our trainers lean heavily on facts where possible and minimize hypotheticals for our attendees

Bond With Colleagues Through On-Site Training

  • Builds off of group dynamics and the instructor’s ability to “read the room” to ensure attendees are processing the information
  • Features hands-on activities through interactive breakouts, workshops, and independent work
  • Instructors can adjust content in real time to align with the roles of attendees and accommodate client needs

accessibility engineering team

TPGi remote support team

Experience the Ultimate Flexibility with Remote Training

  • Energetic trainers break the training into series of webinars, with shorter session lengths (approx. 90 minutes) to help sustain attendee attention
  • Sessions can be scheduled to suit your schedule and can be delivered over the course of a few days to accommodate employee availability
  • All attendees have the opportunity to ask questions via chat during the presentation

TPGi trainers are widely respected as the foremost experts in accessibility

Our approach focuses on fundamentals as well as the process behind accessibility. With decades of anecdotal evidence and experience to answer questions, our trainers can leverage the strengths of the entire TPGi team to assist where needed.

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You won’t find more knowledgeable and passionate instructors anywhere

Seasoned Accessibility Experts

TPGi trainers live and breathe accessibility and draw from their own backgrounds as developers or designers for real-life anecdotes

Interactive Storytellers

We understand how difficult it can be to keep attendees engaged, so our instructors employ various strategies to keep sessions lively and entertaining

Dedicated Professionals

Your employees will come away with more knowledge about accessibility than they ever thought possible

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Companion Accessibility Testing Tools

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Create a baseline Initial Domain Analysis (IDA) and WCAG Density score across your website or web application

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Color Contrast Checker

Easily determine the contrast ratio of the two colors. Compliance indicators for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1)

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