Accessibility Strategy

We help your organization develop and implement a strategy to address current digital accessibility issues and build capacity to ensure that accessibility is integrated into all aspects of organizational activity that affects its digital resources.
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An Accessibility Strategy Helps Provide Inclusive, More Effective Digital Resources to Your Customers and Users


Bake accessibility into the process of building and maintaining your digital environment


Share responsibility for accessibility throughout the organization

Change Agent

Make accessibility part of organizational culture and practice

Continuous Improvement

Establish accessibility as a driver for quality and innovation

An accessibility strategy helps advance organizational accessibility maturity, reducing risk and building capacity

Often, organizations may appreciate the importance of accessibility, but their accessibility strategy is immature. An immature accessibility strategy is characterized by:

  • Placing the burden on developers to fix accessibility barriers, without a shared responsibility across the workforce
  • An over-reliance on tools for evaluating and correcting accessibility without attention to strengthening processes and practices
  • Delegating responsibility for accessibility to staff members who don’t have authority to influence change
  • Relying on a few accessibility specialists, without a managed process of building accessibility skills and knowledge across the workforce
  • A lack of attention to managing the accessibility risks associated with digital products and services supplied by third-parties
  • An underfunded grassroots effort without leadership support

In each case, an organization leaves itself open to risk, and fails to take advantage of the opportunities an accessibility strategy can bring. If any of these situations are familiar to you, we can help your organization advance its accessibility maturity.

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Tackle Accessibility Head-On

There are several common features of an organizational accessibility strategy. But we recognize that organizations looking for accessibility support may find themselves in different situations. For example, your organization may:

  • Be facing an active legal inquiry into digital inaccessibility, or are taking steps to avoid legal investigation
  • Be implementing a digital transformation initiative, and want to be sure that accessibility is addressed
  • Have already taken steps to establish an accessibility strategy, and want to develop it further through targeted action.

For any accessibility strategy to be effective, it must be tailored to the unique circumstances of the organization. Our approach to providing accessibility strategy support recognizes the need to understand these circumstances, and then to build a tailored strategy.

The Phases of Accessibility Strategy

Current State Assessment

We start by conducting a current state assessment to evaluate the existing level of maturity of accessibility at your organization. We use this to help ensure that we develop a strategy for advancing accessibility that’s sensitive to the specific circumstances and context of your organization. This involves two stages:

  1. Research, including stakeholder interviews and asset/documentation review
  2. Analysis, using our program maturity evaluation framework

TPGi accessibility assessment

accessibility roadmap

Roadmap for Advancing Accessibility

Based on the current state analysis, and in partnership with you, we create a strategic roadmap for building organizational accessibility capacity in a sustainable way. Our roadmaps are unique to each client’s situation, but typically include:

  • Advice on implementing an accessibility program structure to support organizational efforts
  • Resources to support creating an organizational policy framework to communicate accessibility commitment and requirements
  • Planning for ensuring accessibility is addressed in new digital resources, and remediating legacy content
  • Guidance on building internal accessibility knowledge and skills
  • Support on including accessibility in procurement processes
  • Ways to measure and communicate progress towards greater accessibility maturity

If you already have an accessibility strategy in place and are looking for support in executing specific aspects of your strategy, we can help you too.

Accessibility Strategy is the Bedrock of a Holistic Approach to Accessibility

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of meeting your accessibility responsibilities, but by partnering with TPGi you’ll have someone to guide you every step of the way. Your strategy is the playbook that will enable your organization to integrate accessibility into its processes and procedures in a deliberate, managed way. Along the way, you’ll be able to utilize TPGi’s testing and monitoring tools and remediation resources to improve your company’s maturity and sustain it long-term.

You’ll never be left to figure things out on your own when you partner with TPGi

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What sets TPGi apart?

Holistic Approach

TPGi’s accessibility strategy crosses different dimensions of organizational strategy and provides an integrated approach to advancing accessibility within the context of the organization


Our accessibility strategy support is customized to the unique circumstances of your organization, and the outcomes are created in partnership with you so that you can be confident that the strategic recommendations we make are workable and achievable

Proven Track Record

Our assessment framework and analysis method help us develop strategies tailored to clients in different industries and at different stages of maturity

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