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TPGi has everything you need to support your organization in achieving its EAA compliance goals before the June 2025 deadline.
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The European Accessibility Act Deadline is June 28, 2025. Are you prepared?


An Overview of the EAA

Understanding EN 301 549: The European Standard for Digital Accessibility

Any company that wants to do business in Europe must meet the accessibility standards detailed in EN 301 549.

Learn more about the EN 301 549

Row of EU Flags in front of the European Union Commission building in Brussels

Understanding How the European Accessibility Act Will Impact Your Business

The European Accessibility Act is designed to create equal access for Europeans with disabilities. This webinar will provide you with an overview of the EAA, important deadlines, risks of not conforming, and more.

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EAA Webinars

Learn how your company can navigate the European Accessibility Act and achieve your accessibility goals.

Navigating the European Accessibility Act: Your Roadmap to Compliance.

Check out TPGi’s on-demand webinar to learn about the European Accessibility Act.

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Countdown to the EAA: Learn about the European Accessibility Act

Learn what the EAA is, what business will be impacted and more in this on-demand webinar.

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Accessibility Tools and Resources

As you prepare for your digital accessibility journey, you and your team will need different tools and resources as you grow. Below are a few essentials.

A Guide to Creating a Successful Digital Accessibility Program

Accessibility can be a big initiative at any company, requiring a lot of resources and time. This guide will explore what digital accessibility is and why–and how–your business should create a digital accessibility program.

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TPGi’s ARC Platform

TPGi’s integrated accessibility management and testing platform allows your team to stay agile and manage multiple teams and data sets all within one robust platform.

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Your Accessibility Partner

TPGi helps the world’s largest companies creating accessible and inclusive experiences for their customers. Partner with TPGi, for your audits, strategy development, training, UX services and more!

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Accessibility Testing Tools

To create inclusive digital experiences, your team will need the right tools to stay agile and work efficiently. TPGi has accessibility tools to support your team from design, to management, to QA, and developers.

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Time is of the essence to start making progress to comply with the European Accessibility Act. TPGi can help expedite the process and ensure your team is on the right path. Schedule a call to discuss:

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  • Your EAA and digital accessibility questions

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