JAWS for Kiosk

From inception to implementation, we make your kiosk application or website into an accessible kiosk deployment that conforms to global accessibility standards and guidelines. Available for Microsoft Windows and Android Platforms
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We’ll Handle Everything You Need for an Accessible Kiosk

User Testing

Ensure it’s user-friendly for a variety of groups

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Accessibility Review

Document accessibility issues and failures so you know where to focus efforts

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Accessibility Retrofit

Work with what you already have

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JAWS Screenreader for Kiosk

Add text to speech audio output to your kiosk

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Partner with TPGi to ensure an accessible experience for your kiosks

What is an Accessible Kiosk?

Hardware and software must work seamlessly to create a user experience that is accessible across the spectrum of disability needs. With help from the JAWS® (Job Access with Speech) screen reader and supported devices like the Storm Assistive Technology Products, your kiosk deployment will align with your organization’s accessibility goals.

Kiosk Accessibility Consulting Services

TPGi’s services include customizing pronunciation, instructions, and the user experience to support the kiosk application and input devices for users who are blind or have low vision.

  • Kiosk Accessibility Design Review
  • Kiosk Hardware Accessibility Review
  • Kiosk Software Accessibility Review
  • Kiosk ADA Compliance and Accessibility Design Review
  • Kiosk Usability Testing
  • Kiosk User Research
  • JAWS Implementation and JAWS Scripting
  • Integration with Storm Assistive Technology Products
  • VPATs
  • JAWS Scripting
  • Closed Environment & Onsite Testing
  • Kiosk Accessibility Retrofit

Kiosk Use Cases

  • Self-checkout
  • Waiver signing
  • Point of sale
  • Hotel check-In
  • Endless aisle shopping
  • Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) self-service menu ordering
  • Tech support help desk
  • Virtual receptionist
  • HR employee paperwork/forms
  • Meeting room management
  • Job application center
  • Self-service bill pay
  • Voting kiosks
  • Smart city applications

kiosk at an office check in area

blind person using a kiosk with the help of JAWS

JAWS for Kiosk

JAWS for Kiosk is an award-winning screen reader software and offers features that work specifically with Storm Assistive Technology Products and other alternative input solutions such as touch screens, keyboards, etc. JAWS for Kiosk is available for Microsoft Windows and Android platforms. New kiosk-specific features of JAWS include:

  • Thinner version of JAWS for closed environments
  • Locked-down features for use in closed environments
  • Support for Storm Assistive Technology Products (NavPad™, NavBar™ and AudioNav™)
  • Multi-language/Multi-voice JAWS support
  • User session management
  • Auto start JAWS upon insertion of audio device
  • Auto stop/session end automatic upon withdraw of audio input
  • Compatible with kiosk system software
  • Fully customizable through JAWS scripting
  • Does not require an internet connection for full functionality

The goal is to mirror a sighted user’s experience as closely as possible

TPGi works to create a quick and simple kiosk experience that will ensure all users who are blind or have low vision will have a positive and productive experience when navigating your website or application. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of kiosk deployment and combines kiosk industry expertise with TPGi’s dedication to website and application accessibility.

Put your kiosk’s accessibility into our competent hands

Whether you need to deploy thousands of kiosks or have a single project to deliver on, we can help you deploy an accessible kiosk.

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TPGi’s in-house kiosk expertise, connection with the makers of JAWS, and broad understanding of the full kiosk solution sets us apart

Broad Service Offering

From application to hardware, to accessibility devices like Storm (and our partnership with them) to JAWS screen reader expertise, no other company even comes close to what we can offer

In-House Kiosk Expertise.

Our in-house kiosk industry expert understands the limitations, manufacturing, and integration of a kiosk solution, combining vast knowledge of both kiosks and accessibility.

Unmatchable Relationships

We share the same parent company as the makers of JAWS screen reader software, providing us with incomparable firsthand knowledge for our JAWS Scripting services.

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