JAWS for Kiosk Wins Accessibility Award

JAWS for Kiosk won the inaugural accessibility award at the Self-Service Innovation Summit (SSIS) 2022! This is part of an award-winning pattern—in the past, JAWS for Kiosk won first place in Judge’s Choice Award at the TravelAbility Summit Launchpad in 2021 and helped TPGi win the McDonald’s 2021 “Living the Values Award”.

JAWS for Kiosk leverages the world’s most widely used screen reader and is deployed on thousands of kiosks worldwide. Adding text-to-speech audio output to self-service kiosks helps make the kiosk accessible to blind or low-vision users performing tasks such as ordering at a quick-service restaurant or checking in at a doctor’s office.

JAWS for Kiosk is available for Microsoft Windows and is now also available for Android.

Want help making your self-service kiosks accessible? Speak with an accessibility expert today!

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