ARC Onboarding Packages Give Your Team a Head Start

Accurate Setup

Ensure your account will be properly set up and configured for your digital properties

Feature Adoption

Introduce users to ARC capabilities and empower them to leverage ARC’s full capabilities

HelpDesk Support

Gain access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 ticket support based on your selected package

Dashboard / Domain Readouts

Quickly gain insights and see how to use the reports to drive actions that deliver more accessible content

ARC Analytics Setup

We help set up and configure your account so that ARC analytics can accurately collect the information associated with your domains, User Flows, and Test Initiatives.  This can be especially helpful for domains behind an authenticated user flow including web applications, customer web portals, and HR applications.

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illustration displaying the connecting of data accounts into ARC and outputting graphic data sheets

bar charts and line graphics for analytic reports

ARC Analytics Readouts

ARC Readouts leverage data from a recent domain scan and explain various ways the findings can be interpreted and translated into a prioritized plan for risk exposure reduction. Also included are recommendations for optimizing future scans and organizing the findings.

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ARC platform training sessions accelerate familiarity with the user interface and adoption of the features in ARC that are designed to simplify accessibility remediation efforts and management of an accessibility program.

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photo go TPGi's accessibility engineer support team

ARC Accessibility Support Specialists

HelpDesk Support

Each HelpDesk ticket provides up to one hour of support. Tier 1 tickets are for basic administrative tasks and Tier 2 tickets are for technical support with setting up a domain, user flow, or other more complex setup challenges.

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Domain Optimization

Recommendations from a TPGi expert are domain-specific and designed to improve the quality of the data ARC collects as well as the way the data is represented or organized on the platform. The expert advice focuses on the use of Exclusion Patterns, Seed URLs, Test Initiatives, and Folders.

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dedicated accessibility engineer

photo of an accessibility engineer at his computer

Rapid-Start Success Management

Many packages come with a dedicated project manager, kickoff meetings, defined project plans, and specific deliverables including a final Recommendations Report. This Report recaps the accomplishments and suggests ways to continue enjoying the maximum benefit from ARC’s extensive feature set.

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Delivers fast and effective progression.

Start getting immediate value while ensuring your account, domains, analytics, and team are all set up for future success.

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ARC Empowerment Programs



Designed For


Core – $500Limited budget small entrepreneur such as local/small chain restaurant or exercise club; Multi-doctor medical practice; Art gallery; Daycare center; and many others.Basic configuration and successful scanning validation for 1 domain with an Authentication Flow. Simulated user interaction via ARC’s User Flow capability is not necessary for properly assessing the domain. A 1-hour ARC fundamentals instructor-led training and a workshop to optimize the data quality collected by ARC facilitate rapid familiarization and sound data analysis on the platform.
Basic – $1,500Small Entrepreneur such as Local/small chain restaurant or exercise club; Multi-doctor medical practice; Art gallery; Daycare centerBasic configuration and successful scanning validation for up to 2 domains with Authentication Flows are the foundation of this program. Simulated user interaction via ARC’s User Flow capability is not necessary for properly assessing these domains. A 1-hour ARC fundamentals instructor-led training along with two workshops to optimize the data quality collected by ARC and align representation of the data with the client’s organizational structure provide a basic but rapid onboarding over two weeks.
Advanced – $6,000Large Entrepreneur or government agency: For example, Online specialty retailers (e.g. auto parts distributor, chocolate shop) with shopping websites; Online wholesaler with public and private websites; Regional chain restaurant with online orderingThe 3-week Advanced program is our Basic program for organizations with a need for User Flows or maybe just additional seats. An Advanced program purchase includes everything in the Basic program plus 2 additional seats, an instructor-led detailed review of the Domain Dashboard to learn risk mitigation techniques for using the data, 5 HelpDesk tickets, and a User Flow Workshop. The User Flow Workshop consists of live training and guided assistance for adding 2-page list flows with up to 20 steps each that can also be used as examples for building additional flows.
Enterprise-Lite – Contact UsMiddle-market, a small corporation with multiple domains and domain stakeholders; Larger, multi-division corporation onboarding by divisionIdeally suited for organizations with multiple domains to manage, the Enterprise-Lite program provides all the basic details necessary to configure domains for maximum data collection and presentation of the findings in a way that is organized to align with stakeholder needs. This 30-day program includes a User Flow Fundamentals Workshop to build up to 3 functional, 20-step page list flows that can also be used as examples for building additional flows.
Enterprise – Contact UsMedium to large, multi-division corporation with multiple dynamic domains and domain stakeholders, and accessibility initiative.The first of two programs designed to accommodate the unique needs of organizations with a managed accessibility initiative. By accounting for the needs of additional stakeholders, the 90-day Enterprise program is more policy-oriented and comprehensive than the Enterprise-Lite program. Deeper scans (up to 1,000 URLs) on each of two domains, setting up a VPN connection, and up to 10 seats are included in the Enterprise program. The User Flow Fundamentals Workshop for this program shows how to create both a basic and an advanced, dynamic User Flow. A fourth instructor-led Defining & Managing Accessibility Policies training session and a second readout of the data collected by ARC during the program are included as well as the ARC API Quickstart Guide and 30,000 free API calls.
Enterprise-Pro – Contact UsLarge corporation with multiple dynamic domains and domain stakeholders, and accessibility initiative; Organizations with a strong interest in the APIThe second 90-day program that expands the Enterprise program to include a total of 15 seats, 2 additional domains, up to 2,000 URL scans on each domain, an additional readout, 4 additional User Flows – 2 may be scripted, an instructor-led API Fundamentals training session, and unlimited API calls during the 90 days.