TPGi launches ARC User Flows, delivering accessibility insights across critical digital user journeys

ARC (Accessibility Resource Center) customers can now evaluate the accessibility of essential user journeys that individuals need to complete on your website or application. The new ARC User Flows capability allows you to define, track, and measure the WCAG progress across a series of interactions in the context of completing a goal. This includes individual page elements and multi-page interactions, going one step further than the traditional accessibility monitoring scans.

“ARC User Flows enable our clients to isolate and focus on the accessibility barriers found along key customer journeys. Monitoring and maintaining the accessibility of these customer journeys is one of the most effective ways to increase digital inclusion. It is also one of the most cost-effective approaches, allowing your teams to prioritize their work and maximize the positive impact of your accessibility investment,” says David O’Neill, Chief Architect SaaS Platforms.

Accessibility monitoring has historically focused on large-scale domain scans. This high-level approach fails to provide the granular insights needed for the page or in-page interactive elements in a series of steps comprising the individual user flow. The launch of ARC User Flows is a significant advancement towards measuring the accessibility of these critical paths in digital content.

Whether the User Flow centers on purchasing an item, reserving a seat, or accessing essential health or financial information, the ability to proactively evaluate and monitor every component of these tasks enables accessibility stakeholders to identify and resolve accessibility challenges quickly.

ARC User Flows can be used as a standalone tool or in conjunction with ARC API and our automated Test Initiatives to support seamless DevOps systems integrations, delivering the right solutions to developers at the right time. ARC User flows are the latest capability that provides organizations the best accessibility solutions requiring accessible digital experiences.

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Brad Henry is the Director of Marketing for TPGi. With 15+ years of experience in digital marketing with a focus B2B SaaS, e-commerce, and data/analytics, he brings the perspective of content creation and digital property ownership to the accessibility space.