Real People, Real Stories Episode 6, 2023: Phyllida Swift

Mark Miller, host, and Dara Golding, co-host, speak with Phyllida Swift about her life experiences, being a CEO, and her appearance and social justice activism. Learn about:

  • Face Equality International.
  • Her advocacy for the facial difference community.
  • Her efforts to change stigmas and stereotypes around facial differences.
  • Her history working in the face equality space.
  • How she is making global connections through her work.

About Phyllida Swift

Phyllida Swift is an appearance and social justice activist. Now the CEO of Face Equality International, Phyllida has been working in the face equality space ever since her car accident in 2015. Age 22, Phyllida sustained significant facial scarring when travelling overnight on a volunteer trip to Ghana.

She then set out to reshape the negative narratives that dictate the public perception of scars and disfigurements by working on campaigns such as Visible Hate and I Am Not Your Villain. Her TEDx focused on the lack of positive representation of facial differences in the media and her speech at the United Nations in 2022 spoke of the censorship of the facial difference community through artificial intelligence and facial recognition software.

Face Equality International is an NGO campaigning to end the discrimination and indignity experienced by the global facial difference community. Together with their 36 global members, their aim is to further the global face equality movement as a social justice and human rights issue.

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