Real People, Real Stories Episode 5, 2023: Welby Broaddus

Mark Miller, host, and Dara Golding, co-host, speak with Welby Broaddus about his education, life experiences, and how he gained more confidence in himself and his abilities. Learn about:

  • His constant willingness to try.
  • His advocacy and desire to raise awareness for people with disabilities.
  • The benefits of hiring individuals who are blind and visually impaired.
  • His consulting firm, Broaddus Business Solutions.
  • His book Leading Blind Without Vision.

About Welby Broaddus

Welby Broaddus is the Chief Executive Officer of the consulting firm, Broaddus Business Solutions. As a visually impaired business owner, he hopes to use his influence to help the less fortunate and those without a voice. It has been often said that Welby is able to hold a conversation with anyone, and he likes to say that he “never meets a stranger.”

Welby wrote Leading Blind Without Vision to educate business owners, executives, and HR professionals on the benefits of hiring individuals who are blind and visually impaired. He hopes to use this book to help educate the business community about the qualities and skill sets that the blind and visually impaired community can bring into the workplace.

Welby enjoys watching travel shows where he gets new ideas for his next adventure. He also enjoys bicycling, exercising, and music. Welby is an avid music lover, and particularly enjoy listening to live music.

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