Real People, Real Stories Episode 4, 2023: Kristy Viers

Mark Miller, host, and Cori Perlander, co-host, speak with Kristy Viers about her YouTube channel and commitment to raising awareness about accessible technology. Learn about:

  • How she built a following on social media.
  • Her informative and educational video tutorials.
  • How the visually impaired community utilizes accessible technology.
  • How the braille display improves experiences on iOS devices.
  • How challenging technology can be when it is inaccessible.

About Kristy Viers

Kristy has been blind all her life. She studied Psychology at Rochester University in Michigan and relies heavily on her iPhone and iPad. Consequently, she desires the most accessible digital world possible, which includes various tech devices, apps, and websites.

She created a YouTube channel dedicated to web accessibility for screen readers to raise awareness and explain how to use specific iOS features.

She and her boyfriend have three cats, all boys, and they are her favorite animal. She also loves to read, listen to music, take walks outside, and sit at a bonfire. And chocolate!

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Links of interest

Kristy has many talents. You can find out more in all the links below:

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