On joining the HTML editors team

HTML5 I am honoured and excited to say I am now a member of the W3C HTML editors team. Joining Robin, Erika, Silvia, Ted and Travis to work on continuing the development of HTML.

What does this mean?

In practical terms it means I have write access to the HTML specification on Github. This does not mean I, or any of the editors, can change HTML at will. It does mean I have a little more opportunity to effect change upon the development of the HTML language in accordance with the agreed upon processes of the HTML Working Group. It primarily means a bucketload of work in the form of responding to and resolving bugs.

Recent discussions and changes:

Note: all of the above changes are preliminary changes to the HTML 5.1 editor’s draft and subject to change based on feedback and future decisions of the HTML working group.

Working together

The development of the HTML standard is a collaborative effort and it is important that the voices of users and developers, as well as implementers, are heard and taken into account.

You can provide input in a number of ways:

I  also follow discussions on blogs such as HTML5Doctor.com and bring up HTML related discussions to the working group’s attention.

You can keep up with changes to the spec on twitter via @HTML_commits. You can also ping me on twitter : @stevefaulkner

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About Steve Faulkner

Steve is the Chief Accessibility Officer at TPGi. He joined TPGi in 2006 and was previously a Senior Web Accessibility Consultant at vision australia. Steve is a member of several groups, including the W3C Web Platforms Working Group and the W3C ARIA Working Group. He is an editor of several specifications at the W3C including ARIA in HTML and HTML Accessibility API Mappings 1.0. He also develops and maintains HTML5accessibility and the JAWS bug tracker/standards support.


Bijan Parsia says:

Congrats, Steve! It’s good to see your hard work recognized.

Steve Faulkner says:

Thanks Bijan, hope I can make a positive contribution.

Congratulations Steve – I’m sure that you’ll prove to be a great asset to the group!

Steve Faulkner says:

thanks Andrew!

Richard says:

The phrase “putting the ship in safe hands” springs to mind.