Latest ARIA landmark support data

Noting that the landmark support test results I conducted back in July 2011 were being tweeted recently, I though it would be good to update the results. ChromeVox support data has been added, thanks to @KevinChao89 for the ChromeVox keystroke info. VoiceOver testing on OSX lion has been added, thanks to @hanshillen for  testing.

ARIA landmark support summary data

  • Jaws 11/12/13 has complete support.
  • ChromeVox has complete support.
  • VoiceOver supports all landmarks except “form”.
  • NVDA supports all landmarks except “application” and “form”.
  • Window Eyes does not support ARIA landmarks.

ARIA landmark support details:

WAI ARIA Landmark Role Tests 21/11/2011

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Jason Kiss says:

Hi Steve,

With some of the tech putting out updates so much more frequently, it’s great to see this updated list of landmark support for November. I wonder what December will bring 🙂

It’s a minor issue, but just thought I’d note that JAWS 13 now announces the entering and leaving of landmarks in a way similar to VoiceOver in Lion. That is, when navigating landmark to landmark using the semi-colon, JAWS will say, for example, “banner landmark region start”. When reading through the page using the up/down arrows or the say all command, for instance, JAWS will announce the entering and leaving of landmarks, e.g., “navigation landmark region start” and “navigation landmark region end”.

With VoiceOver, and correct me if I’m wrong, I believe that the behaviour is different between using the up/down arrows (keyboard equivalent to the flick gesture) with the web rotor, and basic navigation through page items. When using the up/down arrow keys with the web rotor set to navigate landmarks, only the landmark name is announced, whereas when navigating through the page items (using control+option+left/right arrow keys), regardless of web rotor setting, that’s when VoiceOver announces the entering and leaving of landmarks.

Anyway, minor issues. Thanks for the update!


Steve Faulkner says:

hi Jason, thanks for the additional details, will update results page when I get a chance!