HTML5 a W3C Recommendation – Accessibility FTW!

HTML5 Accessibility

TPG’s  testimonial  on the publication of the W3C HTML5 Recommendation:

HTML5 is a great leap forward for an accessible web. In HTML5, accessibility is a core design principle. For the first time the semantics of HTML have been mapped, and implementation requirements defined in terms of the way HTML semantics are conveyed to people using assistive technologies.

The addition of new interactive controls, native video and captioning and new structural elements in HTML5, make it easier than ever for developers to create HTML interfaces that are usable by everyone. The inclusion of WAI-ARIA in HTML5 also provides developers with the tools and information to create accessible custom content and controls that extend the core features of HTML.

TPGi (TPG) is both proud and honored to have contributed to the development of HTML5, but recognizes that it is not an end in itself. HTML5 represents a very positive step in the evolution of the language of the web and TPGi welcomes the opportunity to continue contributing to its positive development.

Mike Paciello– Founder, TPGi (TPG)W3C Member

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Since 2007, TPGi staff have actively contributed to the development of HTML5 at the W3C. Our involvement includes:


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Steve Lee says:

I big thanks to you, Steve F and all at TPG for this great work!