Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Every Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (also known as GAAD) is an annual celebration of digital inclusion. It is a day upon which we acknowledge the importance of digital accessibility and consider how we, as individuals, can make the digital world a more accessible place.

Conceived by Joe Devon in a 2011 blog post, the idea of a global day to celebrate digital accessibility intrigued Toronto-based accessibility professional Jennison Asuncion. After spotting Joe’s tweet promoting the post, Jennison reached out to Joe, and they joined forces to create an annual event. The first GAAD was held on the third Thursday of May in 2012. Nine years later, TPGi celebrated with a live panel of accessibility experts who discussed the current and future state of digital accessibility. See below for a short snippet from our recording, but you can also view the entire video at your leisure.

Video not playing? View it at YouTube.