Blog Maintenance Update

From today we have subdivided the TPGi blog into two sections.

The Technical Blog focuses on posts for digital accessibility professionals exploring web development issues, techniques, design patterns, auditing, WCAG, and resources of a technical nature.

The Business Blog focuses on strategic and managerial aspects of web accessibility, providing insights on creating inclusive digital environments and the importance of accessibility in business.

Some blog posts will be relevant to, and appear in, both sections. It’s also still possible to view all our blog posts at the Blog Archive, regardless of which section they appear in.

All existing bookmarked links and RSS feeds should continue to work, including to individual blog posts, but you can now also choose to specify links to:

If you encounter any problems with our new blog setup, or have any related queries, please email us.

Categories: Business, Technical

About Ricky Onsman

Veteran Australian web designer, front end developer, writer and editor. As a writer and/or editor, I've worked with the likes of UX Australia, SitePoint, Web Directions and Smashing Magazine. As a freelance designer and front end dev, I focused on building accessible websites, then worked with a number of design, UX and accessibility-focused companies in Australia, North America and Europe before joining the Knowledge Center team at TPGi.