Accessible Comedy: AODA Enabling Change Series Reviewed

When a video goes viral no one ever says, “This video was so serious and informative, I just had to share it.” No, they’re usually belly laughing when they click the share button. Unfortunately, the subject of digital accessibility doesn’t inspire laughter. And in the Section 508 guidelines, there isn’t a single punch line. The TV show Tosh.0 is funny, but WCAG 2.0? Not so much. So when we at Interactive Accessibility ran across the HRPA’s TV network on YouTube, we were thrilled to be laughing hysterically at, well, accessibility guidelines.

HRPA TV presents two seasons of the “AODA Enabling Change Series.” This tongue-in-cheek series presents the subject of accessibility as a sitcom, which takes place at a fictional company called Jiffy Brothers’. Episode 8 and episode 9 of season 2 tackle the subject of Web Accessibility when Harold, a manager at Jiffy Brothers’, gets his first look at their website. He is so distraught by the experience that he orders an accessibility audit. Sonja, Jiffy Brother’s “go-to” HR person, teaches Harold about WCAG 2.0 and together they manage to horrify the marketing team. The comedic value rises when in episode 9 the antagonist, Boris, the world greatest (and most feared) graphic designer, comes on scene wearing a cape and carrying a scepter. 

No spoilers here. You’re going to have to watch to find out how it ends. Interactive Accessibility gives “AODA Enabling Change Series” two thumbs up for handing the subject of accessibility in a way that’s entertaining, compelling and downright funny. What a wonderful way to spread the word about accessibility!

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