Webinar, September 12: Beyond the Basics: Building an Accessible Kiosk

Thursday, September 12, 2019
12pm – 1pm ET

Registration for our webinar, “Beyond the Basics: Building an Accessible Kiosk” is now closed. For copies of the slides, please email twaites@paciellogroup.com with your name and contact information.

Kiosk accessibility does not end with the ADA appropriate height of a kiosk. . . there is much more to creating an accessible kiosk deployment than hardware and ADA basics.

This webinar will cover the various parts of a kiosk project and the ways in which kiosk accessibility touches each of those parts. Learn advanced best practices for deploying an accessible kiosk from software to hardware, kiosk count, application design, external devices, and more, from Laura Miller, a kiosk industry representative and a new addition the TPGi team.

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