Webinar, September 12: Annotating Designs for Accessibility

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
12pm – 1pm ET

Registration for this webinar has ended. If you would like a copy of the slides, please contact Kelly Fisher at kfisher@paciellogroup.com

Accessibility is more effective when it’s “baked in” to the design. Not just in terms of ensuring you cover design guidelines from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines but also well thought out features, editorial, and presentation of content. But how can we ensure the work to make designs inclusive is continued throughout the whole product lifecycle from development to quality assurance? How can we ensure the work done early on is not lost?

Annotating your designs for accessibility, just as you would other aspects of design, is key. This ensures developers don’t interpret well intended design in a way that is not accessible. It also tests the feasibility of the design to provide the best user experience for people with disabilities before it gets hard coded.

In this webinar attendees learn accessible design can be communicated and can positively impact development, quality assurance, and ultimately the experience for end users with disabilities.

  • The benefits of annotating designs and the risks of not doing it
  • What needs to be annotated and how
  • How to create an accessibility definition of done
  • How annotated designs impact user stories, scenarios, QA and more

This webinar will be presented by Henny Swan, Director Of User Experience at TPGi.

Please be advised that individuals using the IE web browsers may not be able to register due to a webinar hosting glitch and their CAPTCHA verification. If you are unable to register, please email twaites@paciellogroup.com with your name and contact information.

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