Accessibility Key Performance Indicators

Presented on October 25, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

All accessibility programs must have defensible data points to convey the program’s performance and justify an organization committing resources to the program.

This webinar covers why organizations must have accessibility metrics and goes a step further, to demonstrate how organizations can generate and report these metrics.

Attendees learn to develop benchmarks that are consistent with the scale and maturity of their accessibility program.

We’ll delve into accessibility metrics such as:

  • Overall accessibility knowledge as an organization i.e. consumption of training materials.
  • Comparison of shift-left approach to accessibility compared with audit-fix-audit-fix lifecycle.
  • Indicators of code quality over time.
  • Legal and reputational risk management.
  • Completion of third-party certifications.

We discuss the business case for accessibility and how to understand and frame the topic of return on investment.

This webinar takes an honest look at oft-repeated, pro-accessibility arguments about site usage by people with disabilities and the relationship between accessibility and SEO.

Accessibility is an opportunity to make an impact on an organization. Learn how to use TPGi’s Accessibility Resource Center to describe this impact.

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Accessibility Key Performance Indicators

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