How to Prepare for Accessibility Testing (Part 1)

Presented on November 8, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

This webinar covers creating an accessibility test plan that organizes manual and automated testing. Attendees will receive a test plan template ready for use at their organization and sure to garner buy-in from all the stakeholders across an organization.

Attendees learn to select a set of test samples representative of an entire application. It’s rarely feasible to test every page or widget within an application. Therefore, a representative sample is the starting point for accessibility testing.

Attendees will gain fundamental, ready-to-use knowledge about accessibility testing, such as:

  • What to cover in an accessibility audit.
  • How to organize WCAG Success Criteria by topic.
  • How to delegate the testing across a team

There are countless webinars and courses on testing for particular WCAG Success Criteria. This webinar focuses on the critical planning stage.

The main objective is for each attendee to walk away with an accessibility test plan for their product. This is valuable for program managers, product owners, and anyone seeking to impact their organization.

Learn how to use the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Provider to configure and manage accessibility audits.

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