How to Perform Accessibility Testing (Part 2)

Presented on December 12, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

Does your organization (need to) perform manual accessibility testing on tens of applications?

In this webinar, attendees learn how enterprise level organizations dramatically reduce the level of effort and accessibility expertise required to perform manual audits.

There are four fundamental steps to creating a world-class, enterprise-level internal accessibility team.

  • Break down each of the WCAG Success Criteria into a set of smaller, easily repeatable tests.
  • Automate as much of the work as possible, and clearly distinguish what requires manual testing.
  • Develop solution templates to save testing teams from having to reinvent the wheel.
  • Have the ability to generate multiple findings reports – suited for the different audiences involved in delivering an online experience

With these clear steps, teams, even those new to accessibility testing, can accurately and effectively carry out full-scale, full WCAG coverage audits.

For large organizations, the challenge here is doing each of these steps requires significant investment. Until now.

Learn how the Accessibility Resource Center brings your accessibility testing team to a world-class level and start performing manual accessibility audits faster.

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How to Perform Accessibility Testing (Part 2)

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