The Current State of Accessibility: An ARC Evaluation of the Top Websites

Presented on August 22, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

TPGi has performed an accessibility evaluation of the home pages for some of the top sites on the web. In this webinar, TPGi shares the results to describe the current state of web accessibility. Each attendee learns how to assess their own homepage and where it ranks when compared to other homepages.

The evaluation uses the ARC Rules to analyze each page. The ARC Rules Engine, TPGi’s exclusive set of automated accessibility rules, detects accessibility errors and generates a website accessibility score known as a WCAG Density Score.

The WCAG Density Score represents the number of page elements that can be automatically identified as WCAG violations.

This webinar reports on the most common accessibility errors, providing insight into the current makeup of web content and, more than that, how websites are built today. Gain the next-level ability to understand your site’s web accessibility in the context of the larger web. The results are stratified across industries and by estimated web traffic, business size, and more.

Backed by real data, attendees gain the ability to report on their website’s accessibility in a new way – by rank rather than in purely technical terms. Most importantly, this systemic accessibility evaluation provides a picture of the current user experience for people with disabilities in the online world.

Join us to learn where your website ranks in this evaluation. Together, we consider the question: what is a “good” accessibility score? This webinar is 30 minutes. Stay after the call for our 30-minute Q and A!

Prepare for the webinar, download the free Chrome extension ARC Toolkit and scan your site.

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The Current State of Accessibility: An ARC Evaluation of the Top Websites

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