Ola Mundo – An App for Children with Verbal Communication Difficulties

Ola Mundo is a project established in early 2012 in Israel by parents of children with special needs aimed to meet a need that had been very challenging to them until then – effective communication with their children. The OlaMundo Messenger application allows children and adolescents who have verbal communication difficulties to communicate with their family members, friends and therapists using symbols and communication boards even when these people are not around them.

The team behind Ola Mundo includes leading professionals such as pedagogues, designers, illustrators and software developers who came together to create an application based on state-of-the-art technology and usability best practices.

The application is currently supported in English as well as in Hebrew and is easily customizable to the user’s specific needs, including changing categories, symbols and recordings. It can be downloaded from AppStore.

Categories: World of Accessibility