iOS Accessibility Video Tutorials

We recently posted some videos on the Access Matters blog about setting up and using TalkBack, which is the pre-installed screen reader service provided by Google for Android devices. It occurred to me that there must be some good walkthroughs for iOS accessibility, so I decided to go on a YouTube hunt for you, our loyal Access Matter Blog readers, and find the best iOS Accessibility walkthroughs.

The search didn’t take long once I remembered a talk at this year’s Boston Accessibility conference on, you guessed it, iOS accessibility features. The talk was given by Kathy Wahlbin of Interactive Accessibility and a gentleman named Luis Perez. Luis is an education consultant with a vision disability. Surely he must have some video walkthroughs. I jumped on YouTube and there it was, the Luis Perez channel with all sorts of informative and educational videos. Topping the list was an iOS Accessibility category with a ton of great videos.

Further digging let me to Ablenet, a leader in Assistive Technology & Curriculum Solutions. Among the many helpful things they have in the accessibility space is a video on iOS Switch Control, Single Switch Auto Scanning Setup and Use. Switch Control is an accessibility feature for users with significant physical disabilities that provides access to almost every feature in iOS7 through the use of one or multiple switches. This video is a must-view for anyone who needs to set up and familiarize themselves with switches.

If you have a device running iOS check out these videos. If there is a video you would like to see let us know.

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