ID24 – Inclusive Design 24 #ID24 (Inclusive Design 24) is returning for another 24 hours of live accessibility talks on September 23 starting at midnight UTC/GMT. The schedule is set, and the list of presenters and topics is impressive!

Inclusive Design 24 is about awareness

While everyone on the ID24 team and the amazing accessibility leaders worldwide are scheduled to talk about accessibility, the goal is to raise awareness of inclusion and accessibility. So, please share the #ID24 program with all your contacts, using the #ID24 hashtag where appropriate. And don’t forget the URL:, If you or your colleagues are working on increasing your knowledge of accessibility, ID24 provides you with a great opportunity to continue your education.

ID24 topics

There are 24 amazing accessibility leaders coming together to share their knowledge with you and the world for free! The topics are interesting and will allow you to expand your mind in ways you or your colleagues may not have thought possible until now. Some of the topics at this year’s ID24 include: “Everyone Should Have WAP (Web Accessibility Please),” “Deaf Tech: Travel Through Time from Past to Future,” “WCAG 2.2 What’s new and what to do with it”, “Can People with Disabilities Use VR?” and many more!

Save the date and check out the complete schedule.

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