Inclusive Design 24 – a 24-Hour, Virtual Accessibility Conference

Inclusive Design 24 #ID24, a Free, 24-hour, Virtual Accessibility Conference

Whether you’re new to accessibility or an expert wanting to learn more about a specific topic, #ID24 has 24 talks you’ll be interested in. This free, 24-hour virtual accessibility conference is hosted on YouTube and starts at 23:30 UTC on the 21st of September. You can pick and choose which sessions you want to view, from more technical talks like Rabab Gomaa’s “The Recipe for Making Accessible Widgets!” to talks about overarching accessibility theories like Kate Every’s “Dangerous Design: Why We Need to Think about Design Ethics.” Also, Rachael Bradley Montgomery and Vispero’s Matt Ater will be presenting a session called “Tips and Tradeoffs to Designing Accessible Escape Rooms.

Save the date and check out the complete schedule.

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