GEN-5 Feature Release: ARC Monitoring On-Demand Scanning

TPGi is excited to announce a new on-demand scanning capability to our ARC Platform that enhances our scheduled monitoring service! Instead of waiting for the next scheduled scan to occur (usually performed monthly), subscribers can now run a scan at any time and reset the schedule accordingly.

If a domain or User Flow is set to scan monthly but a subscriber needs to get results outside of that schedule, they can simply click the “Scan Now” button on their dashboard to run an immediate scan. Their next scan will run a month from the new date, and will continue on that cadence until a subscriber chooses to run another on-demand scan.

The Scan Now button appears beside the Settings cog in the Monitor Settings panel on the domain and User Flow dashboards. The button opens a dialog box where subscribers can request the scan and edit the scan schedule if needed.

Scan button in ARC Monitoring dashboard

Note that any scan that exceeds the limits set in your Service Plan will not run and you will get a notification that the scan did not complete. Scans are subject to usage fees in accordance with your active Service Plan.

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