Conference, March 11-15: CSUN 2019

March 11-15, 2019
Anaheim, California

TPGi is excited to announce our accessibility experts will be giving several presentations at CSUN 2019. CSUN is widely regarded as the premiere conference for accessibility and assistive technology, and we are proud to be a part of it.

The following is a listing and a brief description of the presentations that will be given by TPGi employees during CSUN:

Wednesday, March 13

  • Scott O’Hara
    9:00am – Roads less traveled: When to detour from standards to reach accessible UX
    HTML, ARIA and WCAG are our directions to accessible destinations. But what should we do if roads are under construction? We take detours!
  • Larry Lewis
    10:00am – A Strategy for Inclusive Accessibility Testing for Novices and Experts
    An inclusive approach to using manual test tools to perform accessibility testing on web content through the visualization of a screenreading experience.
  • Justin Stockton
    1:20pm – Role-based challenges of implementing accessibility remediation
    A panel of various project roles discuss the challenges an accessibility review has on their role given a series of shifting project variables.
  • Kathy Wahlbin
    3:20pm – Mitigating your legal risk for web and mobile accessibility
    Discuss the top five things you can bring to your organization to mitigate the legal risk associated with web and mobile accessibility.

Thursday, March 14

  • Kathy Wahlbin & Shadi Abou-Zahra
    11:00am – Many Devices – One Standard: Mobile Accessibility with WCAG 2.1
    Explore how WCAG 2.1 helps you design accessible desktop and mobile websites and applications for a variety of devices, including smart phones and beyond.
  • Joe Humbert
    2:20pm – Beyond Web Accessibility: mobile apps, Apple TV, and other emerging devices
    As more new devices emerge on the market, how well do they and their applications support people with disabilities and conform to WCAG 2.1?
  • David O’Neill & Charlie Pike
    3:20pm – It’s All About Data: New methods and tools for accessibility
    In the era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data there are new smart ways to explore the trends and processes that underlie accessibility issues.
  • Matt Feldman
    4:20pm – Panel on the challenges and successes of building an accessibility program
    Learn about the perspective of three accessibility program leaders as they detail the challenges and successes in maturing their accessibility programs.

Friday, March 15

  • David Sloan & Sarah Horton
    9:00am – Accessibility with people with disabilities through effective user research
    For inclusive digital products, design decisions are informed by user research. We share practical advice for effectively involving people with disabilities in the design process.
  • Sarah Horton & David Sloan
    11:00am – Evaluating organizational readiness for accessibility and digital strategy
    Move towards accessibility maturity by starting where you are and understanding where you can go. TPGi shares a framework for building a successful program.
  • David Swallow
    1:20pm – A web of anxiety: accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders
    Examines how UI/UX design can contribute to feelings of anxiety and panic and explores how to improve accessibility for people with anxiety and panic disorders.

Come watch all the Vispero presentations in the Vispero Presentation room: Showcase Suite #4.

We look forward to seeing you at CSUN 2019!

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