Conference, March 11-13: CSUN 2020

March 11-13, 2020
Anaheim, California

Thank you to everyone who watched our presentations at CSUN. All who were unable to attend can sign up for on-demand recordings CSUN 2020 presentations.

Creating an Accessible Escape Room

by Rachael Bradley

This fun and interactive presentation will discuss what we’ve learned from creating and running an accessible escape room and how it applies to accessible technology design.

JAWS Kiosk: What is it and when would I use it?

by Ryan Jones

Introducing JAWS for kiosks, a highly customizable and powerful screen reading solution for Windows based kiosks.

CSS Display Properties versus HTML Semantics

by Adrian Roselli

Developers who choose HTML elements that best describe a screen’s structure and semantics often don’t know how browsers use their CSS to break those semantics.

A Web of Anxiety: Is a Little Tension a Good Thing?

by David Swallow

Warning: Limited Seating! Arrive Early to Avoid Disappointment! Are such alarming messages ever appropriate? Is a little anxiety inevitable, or even desirable, in UI/UX design?

Overcoming Obstacles to Manual Accessibility Testing

by Larry Lewis

An inclusive approach for coupling a screenreader’s functionality with a visual testing variant of a screenreader to perform usability testing on web and PDF content.

Responsible Responsive Tables: Where Are We Now?

by. Hans Hillen

An overview of the most common approaches for achieving accessible, responsive data tables. Live demonstrations will be provided for each approach.

Kiosk Accessibility: Understanding the Kiosk User Experience

by Laura Miller & Rachael Bradley

Learn best practices for creating a usable, accessible kiosk experience. We will discuss standards, experience and findings from a recent user study.

Game Accessibility Possibilities and UI Demonstration

by Matthew Atkinson

An overview of recent developments in game accessibility, and a demonstration of the potential for games and the web to provide UI accessibility in the future.

Be the Helvetica of Ergonomics

by Ashley Bischoff

We might not give much thought to ergonomics, but our ability to continue typing can make a difference on whether our livelihoods remain within reach.

Some Fundamental Concepts Underpinning Accessibility Advice

by Matthew Atkinson

Understanding fundamental principles by which people using assistive technologies might navigate and perceive your content can help you make appropriate accessibility provisions and avoid common missteps.

Digital Accessibility for Compulsive Gamblers

by Elizabeth Certa

In this talk, we’ll discuss potential WCAG guidelines for various websites that would better support recovery for compulsive and problem gamblers.

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