Business as usual

We’ve been asked a lot of questions since the announcement that TPGi has joined VFO. Our friends and colleagues across the industry want to know what the news means for TPG, and the short answer is that it’s “business as usual”.

We are still TPG, and we’ll continue to operate on the founding principles that Mike Paciello put in place back in 2002.

This means we remain impartial advocates for inclusive design. Our methodologies continue to be both technology and assistive technology agnostic, and we put people – not technology – first across all our activities.

We continue to participate in the community; tweeting and blogging as individuals, and collectively on this blog and the TPGi Twitter account. Our standards work at W3C continues, as does our involvement with projects like Teach-Access and We develop tools for the community including the Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA) and aViewer, host events like Inclusive Design 24, and support others like A11y Toronto and role=drinks.

When we asked Matt Ater (VFO Vice President) to put it into words, he summed it up clearly: Trust TPG, we’re your trusted accessibility partner – hold us to it.

The TPGi Team.

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chris says:

No wonder Mike seemed distracted when we met at the Perth Western Australia conference recently.

Steve Faulkner says:

Hi Chris, Mike has always got a million accessibility things going through his mind, so appearing distracted is not unusual 😉