The #a11yTO Accessibility Conference is Back!

Attend the best accessibility event in Toronto, Canada.

Learning about accessibility helps everyone work toward creating the most inclusive web possible. And whether you’re an expert in web accessibility or a newbie to the field, there is always more to learn.

TPGi is proud to sponsor the #a11yTO 2022 Conference. #a11yTO runs from October 17 to 18th, and you can either attend in person in Toronto, Canada, or virtually from the comfort of your own home.

#a11yTO hosts accessibility experts from Shopify, Microsoft, TPGi, and W3C members, among others.

TPGi Accessibility Talks

David Swallow, a Principal UX Consultant at TPGi, will present “A Web Of Anxiety: Developments In Accessibility For People With Anxiety and Panic Disorders.” Jonny James, a Senior Accessibility Engineer at TPGi, will present “You Can’t Teach Giving a Sh*T,” a session about the lack of web accessibility training at coding bootcamps.

Check out the full list of sessions at Talks – #a11yTO Conf and grab your tickets now a11yWeekTO 2022

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