How to Write an Accessibility Statement

Presented on September 27, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

We’ll cover the various purposes for and key information to include in a website accessibility statement. Plus, we’ll evaluate real-world examples of accessibility statements.

Each attendee gains a template format to publish their own website accessibility statement.

This webinar evaluates real-world examples of accessibility statements and answers frequently asked questions such as:

  • Who at an organization should write an accessibility statement? Should the statement be written by an attorney?
  • Should the statement explicitly acknowledge the parts of the website or application which do not conform to accessibility guidelines?
  • Should the statement offer phone support or alternative options if a user finds the website to be inaccessible?

The objective is for each attendee to come away with a clear approach for their own organization, whether it’s a small business or a global brand.

Join us for a lively discussion of website accessibility statements.

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How to Write an Accessibility Statement

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