Why is Web Accessibility Important?

Presented on May 16, 2023, at 12pm ET


Amy Albin, Vispero’s Learning and Development Coordinator

Accessibility ends with “y”. But it also needs to begin with “why”. Just as important as having the right accessibility techniques is knowing why accessibility is important. Amy Albin (she/her), a member of Vispero’s Human Resources team, an industrial/organizational psychologist and a blind JAWS user, will present reasons for making your software offerings accessible to users with and without disabilities. You will learn:

  • Why inaccessible technology is costing you and the concept of ROA (Return On Accessibility).
  • The difference between reactive and proactive approaches to accessibility.
  • How a blind person can perform job tasks by integrating Vispero’s assistive technology with mainstream software.
  • One thing you can do in less than five minutes to make documents more accessible and perceive the difference you can make from the perspective of a real JAWS user!
  • Additionally, you will hear personal stories of the impact of accessibility and the lack of it on a wide range of life activities.

Whether or not you work directly with software development, this informative, insightful experience will inspire you to critically examine your why.

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Why is Web Accessibility Important?

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