Understand, Test, Solve: Keyboard Accessibility and Focus

Presented on February 8, 2023, at 12pm ET


Aaron Farber, Senior Accessibility Platform Consultant

TPGi’s Accessibility Resource Center (ARC Platform) empowers teams to solve common accessibility issues while growing their understanding of Accessibility over time. This webinar series addresses fundamental concepts in Accessibility.

The first webinar in this series covers focus and keyboard testing, which provides the foundation for supporting the full spectrum of assistive technologies.

Keyboard testing can be done by any person on your team. To do keyboard testing does not require a developer background or for a tester to inspect underlying code. It’s an important yet easy way to further a site’s Accessibility.

This webinar covers the basics of keyboard testing and takes attendees through three critical keyboard accessibility issues using the ARC Platform’s three-step method: Understand, Test, and Solve.

ARC Monitoring automatically detects these three issues across an entire site. The main strength of ARC Monitoring is that each issue it detects is paired with tailored resources from ARC’s KnowledgeBase to facilitate the Understand, Test, Solve workflow:

  • Understand: Summaries of the relevant accessibility guidelines, so teams understand why the issue matters and its impact on user experience.
  • Test: Step-by-step manual testing procedures to test the issue and related accessibility guidelines, which can’t be covered through manual testing alone.
  • Solve: Proven, battle-tested solutions with code examples, expected behavior, and alternative implementations

With these clear steps, teams, even with less accessibility expertise, can efficiently, accurately, and confidently solve accessibility issues. Over this webinar series, teams achieve full WCAG coverage in their testing.

Beyond solving for Accessibility, this webinar goes to the important next step: Maintaining and Manage Accessibility. Attendees gain concrete steps to retest and validate their solutions and, using the ARC Platform, track issue types to guard against future regressions.

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Understand, Test, Solve: Keyboard Accessibility and Focus

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