If Memory Serves: Creating Unforgettable User Experiences

Presented on February 8, 2024, at 12pm ET


David Swallow, Principal UX Consultant

Whether due to stress, anxiety, dementia, or the inevitable effects of old age, our memory can often let us down. And a web that relies too often on recall over recognition can be a daunting and challenging place. How do we design for a poor memory?

In this webinar, David will explore aspects of user interface and user experience design that can make the web easier to use for someone with memory loss. For instance, how does a consistent structure and layout of a website or app make it easier to navigate? How do clearly written labels, instructions and text alternatives make content more memorable? What in-built features of browsers and operating systems can assist with memory?

Weaving together user testimonies with existing and upcoming accessibility standards and guidance, this presentation will share practical recommendations on what we can do to create unforgettable user experiences.

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If Memory Serves: Creating Unforgettable User Experiences

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