TPGi at CSUN 2018

The 33rd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will be in San Diego from March 20 to 23. Here’s a round-up of the talks given by members of the TPGi team and friends. Come and say hello!

Wednesday March 21

Jaws wide open

Presented by Steve Faulkner and Glen Gordon, at 10am PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

TPGi and Freedom Scientific will talk about their collaborative initiative to create a public issue tracker for the open web standards implemented in JAWS.

Simplify testing with Jaws Inspect

Presented by Charlie Pike, at 1.20pm PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

How to streamline the JAWS testing process with JAWS Inspect. Rapidly locate issues, report and share across the organization.

The velvet rope

Presented by Henny Swan, at 3.20pm in Seaport Ballroom B.

Behind every great site or app lies thought, empathy and inclusion. This doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design.

Thursday March 22

Everything I know about accessibility I learned from Stack Overflow

Presented by Adrian Roselli, at 10am PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

Accessibility practitioners tend to live in a bubble, taking for granted many of the basics with which developers struggle. Explore questions developers ask one another.

Accessible user experiences in 4 minutes, 33 seconds

Presented by Ian Pouncey, at 11am PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

Accessibility is linked with our environment. What can we learn from John Cage’s silent composition Four minutes, thirty-three seconds? Includes a unique live performance.

#SUX: Some User’s Experience

Presented by Billy Gregory, at 2.20pm PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

When UX doesn’t consider ALL users, shouldn’t it be known as “SOME Users’ Experience” or #SUX? When designs cater to a particular user set, this #SUX.

2018 Digital accessibility legal update

Presented by Lainey Feingold, at 3.20pm PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

Join internationally recognized disability rights lawyer and author Lainey Feingold for an up-to-date review of digital accessibility legal settlements, court cases, laws, and regulations.

An overview of today’s most challenging accessibility obstacles

Presented by Hans Hillen, at 4.20pm PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

It’s 2018, and the Web is evolving faster than ever. Which current design trends are most detrimental to accessibility, and how do we fix them?

Friday March 23

Reimagining accessibility guidelines

Presented by Jeanne Spellman, Shawn Lauriat, Ja Eun Ku, and Jennison Asuncion, at 8am PST in Golden Hil AB.

The next major revision to W3C Accessibility Guidelines following WCAG 2 is in process. Learn research results and the impact on future work for accessibility

Accessibility meetups: organizing your own successful group

Presented by Billy Gregory and Dennis Deacon, at 9am PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

Find out how the accessibility meetups in two major North American cities came to exist, grow and flourish in this engaging session.

Techniques for kiosk interface accessibility

Presented by Ryan Jones, at 11am PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

Join us to learn about techniques and technology for insuring that kiosk interfaces are usable by people who are blind or have low vision.

Get up and running fast with Accessibility Resource Center

Presented by Charlie Pike, at 1.20pm PST in Seaport Ballroom B.

An accessibility program can be agile too. We demonstrate how to gather critical data, prioritize and start making changes on day one with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).

Cognitive disabilities: an ICT conundrum

Presented by Kurt Mattes, at 2.20pm in Seaport Ballroom B.

A discussion about cognitive disabilities with respect to accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) obstacles. Can diametrically opposite solutions co-exist? Who determines the solutions?

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