TPGi at CSUN 2017

The 32nd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will be in San Diego (February 27 to March 3). Here’s a round-up of the talks being given by the TPGi team and friends – come and say hello!

Wednesday March 1

Data-mining Accessibility: Research into technologies to determine risk

Presented by Karl Groves and Nater Kane

This paper talks about how we performed large-scale research into automatically detecting accessibility problems on web-based systems to predict their future risk of accessibility issues.

Accessible Code for Web Designers

Presented by Ian Pouncey

Covers the capabilities of the web platform, teaching web designers basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will improve the accessibility of their designs.

Slides and write up for accessible code for web designers

Thursday March 2

Dev versus User: Different perspectives for approaching accessibility

Presented by Hans Hillen and Léonie Watson

A developer and assistive technology user share their conflicting views on three specific accessibility issues, both trying to win over the audience.

Slides and write up for dev versus user

SVG Accessibility

Presented by Léonie Watson and Chaals McCathie Nevile

What does it take to make SVG accessible? How accessible can SVG be today?

Slides and write up for SVG accessibility

Why A11y?

Presented by Billy Gregory and Karl Groves AKA the Viking and the Lumberjack

Why do we need accessibility? Why do we bother with it? The Viking and The Lumberjack take a no-holds-barred look at our industry.

Watch the Why A11y? trailer

What Comes After WCAG 2.1?

Presented by Jeanne Spellman, Shawn Lauriat, Andrew Kirkpatrick and Michael Cooper

Learn the goals, process and priorities of the next major upgrade to accessibility guidelines after WCAG 2.1. Get the latest status and opportunities to contribute.

Slides and write up for what comes after WCAG 2.1

Friday March 3

Side-stepping Ablist Language for Mental Illness and Disabilities

Presented by Ashley Bischoff

This session explores how ableist language subtly draw parallels between things that we don’t like and people with mental or physical disabilities.

Slides and write up for side stepping ablist language

Q&A: Accessibility Guidelines, the Next Generation

Presented by Jeanne Spellman and Shawn Lauriate

Come and give your thoughts and ask questions about the goals, process, and priorities of the next major WAI accessibility guidelines following the 2.x versions.

Building Accessibility into the E-Learning Enterprise Platform

Presented by Henny Swan, Ian Pouncey and Kate McCarthy

This case study documents the challenges we experienced in addressing compliance, design and user experience in E-Learning. We will present a model for collaborative partnerships.

You can view the complete CSUN session program on the CSUN website, and keep up with the TPGi team by following @PacielloGroup.

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