The Viking and the Lumberjack

Does humor belong in accessibility? It certainly does, especially when it involves Karl “The Viking” Groves and Billy “The Lumberjack” Gregory putting the A into Accessibility!

Taking accessibility to the next level

Karl 'The Viking' Groves and Billy 'The Lumberjack' Gregory

Tune in to their new Video series NOW:

Episode 1 Karl and Billy celebrate the ADA’s 20th/24th/25th Anniversary.

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Steve is the Chief Accessibility Officer at TPGi. He joined TPGi in 2006 and was previously a Senior Web Accessibility Consultant at vision australia. Steve is a member of several groups, including the W3C Web Platforms Working Group and the W3C ARIA Working Group. He is an editor of several specifications at the W3C including ARIA in HTML and HTML Accessibility API Mappings 1.0. He also develops and maintains HTML5accessibility and the JAWS bug tracker/standards support.