Selfish accessibility: MinneWebCon 2017

I finally managed to get to MinneWebCon after 10 years (this was its tenth anniversary), and I did it as a speaker. I presented “Selfish Accessibility” to a completely full room with some folks standing (yay!).

While I could not stick around for the workshops on day two, the first day was great. The speakers were knowledgeable and there was a good variety of information. What was thrilling to me was seeing so many talks make a reference to accessibility in some way. It is my hope that every talk either addresses accessibility or has it baked in.

My slides are embedded below. If the embed is a problem you can go to the slides directly on SlideShare.

It was nice to have a little confirmation from the crowd that one of my examples is indeed a problem:

A gratuitous shot of the main hall of the venue with the breakfast spread all set up:

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