Section 508 and Web Accessibility Certification

Unfortunately, a web accessibility “certification” will not eliminate your risk of a lawsuit. There is no authoritative body that offers a certification and there is no precedent that has proven proprietary certifications to be even remotely effective.

On the other hand, assessing, remediation, monitoring, and incorporating accessibility into your future digital efforts has proven time and again to be a successful risk management strategy.

TPGi has the resources to support 100% of your accessibility efforts, whether you are just getting started or have been focusing on accessibility for years.

Get a Free Website Accessibility Scan

Watch and learn what to expect. See the process below.

  1. Create a free ARC Account and submit a domain for scanning.
  2. ARC scans WCAG conformance data against pages in your domain.
  3. The website accessibility report is delivered inside the Document library in your ARC account within minutes.  Scan data is also populated in your ARC dashboards.
  4. Get more value by scheduling a call to step through your report to understand the data and ask any questions.

Get your free website accessibility scan