Restaurant Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Customers

Customer loyalty is crucial for any organization, including the restaurant industry. How a restaurant treats customers with disabilities can significantly affect that loyalty and have a lasting impact on their business.

Between February and March 2024, Vispero and TPGi surveyed over 600 blind and low-vision people about their experiences accessing restaurants, including the use of restaurant technology.

84% of the 562 blind and low vision people who responded to a question on loyalty considered the accessibility of a restaurant to have a moderate or significant impact on their willingness to repeat their visit.

This whitepaper provides key findings from analysis of the survey results and makes some recommendations that restaurants can follow to provide a more inclusive, enjoyable restaurant experience for people with disabilities.

Download Our Whitepaper on Improving Customer Loyalty with Accessibility

Vispero and TPGi’s findings will help guide your accessibility strategy and help you create more inclusive dining experiences for all your customers.

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Accessibility Drives Loyalty

Ensure an accessible dining experience for all of your customers. Regardless of which digital technology your restaurant uses, TPGi has the tools and expert knowledge to help make them usable.

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