People with Disabilities Who Use Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Come Up Against Vaccination Barriers

Across the United States, Americans with disabilities are at a higher risk of contracting COVID than the rest of the population. Nursing homes are widely recognized as COVID danger zones, yet people with disabilities who require long-term services and support (LTSS) run a similar risk of contracting COVID. LTSS-users include both people in group settings, such as group homes or residential facilities, and those who receive personal care services at home. The health care workers who provide LTSS are also in danger because their job requires close contact with others. Many states have not prioritized those with disabilities, despite their elevated risk.

The Kaiser Family Foundation offers several suggestions to make sure Americans with disabilities receive the COVID protection they need, such as providing transportation to vaccine sites and having productive discussions with Americans with disabilities who have faced healthcare discrimination in the past. In these ways, the government can work to get Americans with disabilities who use LTSS the vaccinations they need.

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