JAWS Inspect Download Page

The latest version of JAWS Inspect can be downloaded using the link below. (Only authorized users will be able to access the full version; all others will experience the demo version. Users without a JI license are able to use all features, but only access a portion of the text output that a full JI license would provide.) For new installations, download and save the executable file to your PC and install it from there. Please note that JAWS Inspect will run on a Mac through a virtual machine or on Windows via Bootcamp.

JAWS Inspect Download and Support

To install JAWS Inspect, do the following

  1. Download JAWS Inspect 2022.
    1. Offline (download all JI components in one package)
    2. Online Download – 37.3mb)
    3. Run the executable you just downloaded.

JAWS Inspect User Support

Looking for guidance on how to use JAWS Inspect? Check out our resources:

JAWS Inspect Report Demonstrations

Tutorial 1: Full Page Report

This report organizes JAWS speech output by HTML element category for structured testing.

Tutorial 2: Element Under Mouse Report

This report organizes JAWS speech output to target specific web page components for structured testing.

Tutorial 3: Say All Report

This report provides the same JAWS speech output (as text) as a JAWS user would experience.

Tutorial 4: Element Properties Report

This report offers more in-depth, technical details for individual web page elements.

Tutorial 5: ARIA Live Report

This report allows users to views ARIA dynamic content as a JAWS user would experience it.

Tutorial 6: Speech Viewer Report

This report allows for custom user journeys through web pages and desktop documents.

Updates included in the latest release

With this release, we have added some exciting new features, including:

  • The JAWS Inspect Setup Package has been updated so that it includes the latest release of JAWS 2022, the JAWS 2022.2207.25 – July 2022 release.
  • If JAWS 2023 is installed, JAWS 2023 will be included in the JAWS Version combo box in the General Page of the JAWS Inspect Settings form. Note this item will not be included in the combo box if JAWS 2023 is not installed and JAWS 2023 needs to be installed separately.
  • An issue that caused JAWS Inspect to crash if the Speech Viewer was used when the Windows display language is set to a non-English language has been resolved.
  • JAWS Inspect now includes a Getting Started Guide that is displayed when JAWS Inspect starts. This replaces the “How to use JAWS Inspect” dialog.
  • All third-party components included in JAWS Inspect have been updated.
  • Several issues with the JAWS Inspect Proxy server that caused problems for other applications have been resolved.
  • JAWS Inspect has been updated to use .NET 6.

Note:It is not necessary to have JAWS screenreader installed to run JAWS Inspect. However, if you are a JAWS user you can run both applications at the same time, provided the versions are compatible. If you are going to do this, please upgrade to the latest version of JAWS 2022 or later.