ComputerWorld says ‘Safari 4 Tuned to Web Standards…Accessibility…ARIA”

IDG/ComputerWorld’s Tom Yager wrote an interesting review of Safari 4. Among several interesting points concerning WebKit and performance, Yager wrote,

“A fast and pretty browser won’t cut it for me. A browser — and, indeed, any application that incorporates the linkable framework of that browser — must place an equal emphasis on standards promotion and adoption, as well as accessibility. OS X’s integrated Voice Assist and Universal Access preferences stand apart as mechanisms for inclusion for the visual and motor impaired. New to Safari 4 is support for ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), which takes screen reading and modalities for atypical navigation to the next level, to Web 2.0/AJAX Web apps and sites.”

Do yourself a favor and read the rest of the article at:Test Center: Safari 4 preview

At TPG, we’ll do a review of Safari 4 for ARIA support and WCAG2 compliance and post it here.

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