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Webinar: Transitioning from Compliance Sheriff to ARC

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After a thorough evaluation of product capabilities, supporting services, and brand reputation, Appgate (The parent company to Compliance Sheriff) has selected TPGi as the official migration partner for Compliance Sheriff automated accessibility scanning and monitoring customers. TPGi’s ARC Platform is a modern API-first accessibility platform that allows organizations to build and maintain digital accessibility through automation, analytics, rich content, and unrivaled support.

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Transition Information

Who this is for?

This is the ideal solution for Compliance Sheriff customers (or individuals currently evaluating Compliance Sheriff or Cynthia Says) who need to continue cloud-based accessibility monitoring or must ensure their software is being maintained after the end of life support on 12/31/2021.

What to expect during the transition

Upon request TPGi will create an ARC account and to the extent possible, configure the domains currently in Compliance Sheriff with the same page limits, levels, inclusions, exclusions, and transaction scripts on the account.

After the setup is completed, the administrative level user added to the account will need to log in to ARC, schedule the domain scans, and add additional users. Additionally, authentication scripts will need to be created for domains requiring ARC to log in to an external or lower region site prior to conducting a scan.

How to proceed?

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Don’t want to wait? You can also use our self-serve registration and set up a free ARC Platform account and start your baseline website scan right now.

Glossary of Compliance Sheriff and ARC Terms

Compliance Sheriff


Exclude URLs matching Exclusion Patterns
Base URL Domain URL
Include URLs matching Seed URLs
Starting URL Root Seed URL
Checkpoint Groups Accessibility Standards
Include URLs matching Seed URLs
Page Limit Max URLs
Levels Crawl Depth
Transaction Script User Flow
Groups Workspaces

UI Comparisons: Domain Details

Compliance Sheriff Domain Details

compliance sheriff domain home page

ARC Domain Details

ARC Domain home page

URLs in Compliance Sheriff and ARC

Compliance Sheriff Base URL

Base URL in Compliance Sheriff

ARC Domain URL

Domain URL in ARC

Excluding URLS

Compliance Sheriff Exclude URLs Matching

Compliance Sheriff exclude URLS matching

ARC Exclusion Patterns

ARC Exclude URLs

Starting URLs

Compliance Sheriff Starting URL Include URL Matching

Compliance sherrif starting URLS


ARC seed URL

Accessibility Standards

Compliance Sheriff Checkpoint Groups

compliance sheriff checkpoint groups

ARC Accessibility Standards

ARC accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 or 2.1)

URLs Scanned

Compliance Sheriff Page Limit and Levels

compliance sheriff page limit and levels

ARC Crawl Depth and Max URLs

arc crawl depth and max urls