Blue Beanie Day 2016

Today is Blue Beanie Day, and at TPGi we’ve put on our blue hats to show our commitment to web standards and a web for everyone.

We believe web standards are our best hope for a web that is open, progressive and accessible, and we encourage designers and developers to take pride in creating technologies that are lean, resilient and usable by everyone.

Mike Paciello with a blue beanie that has #a11y embroidered on it. Steve Faulkner wearing a dark blue balaclava. Léonie Watson with a cartoon blue beanie superimposed on her. Shane Paciello wearing a knit blue full-face mask with eyebrows a mustache, some rainbow stripes, and red edges around the eyes and mouth. Sarah Horton with a cartoon blue beanie superimposed on her photo. David Sloan wearing a blue bandana with Saint Andrew's cross. Frank Porter wearing a blue hat of some sort. Jeanne Spellman wearing a blue beanie. Jonny James wearing a blue toque. Justin Stockton wearing a green beanie with a note on it saying “style = color: blue”. Matt Feldman wearing a striped blue beanie. Adrian Roselli wearing a teal beanie (in honor of the 0.05% of the population with tritanopia / tritanomaly). Karl Groves wearing a blue beanie and unsettling smile. Graeme Coleman wearing a blue beanie with the Scottish flag. Henny Swan wearing a blue beanie, blue face mask, blue anorak hood, all covered in ice, somewhere in the arctic. Cédric Trévisan wearing a mostly gray (but with a couple blue stripes) knit hat with ear flaps. David Swallow (Jared) wearing a blue beanie Anne Scallan in hand knit blue beanie against bright blue Irish sky (doesn’t happen often). Michiel Bijl and his cat each wearing a blue beanie (that cat’s is a cartoon hat). Billy Gregory wearing a blue beanie (and an angry face) that is struggling to keep his hair in place. A tiny photo of Patrick Lauke with might be a plastic toy blue hat hastily pasted on top of his head. Gez Lemon with might be a Neoprene blue beanie and contrasting black band. Ian Pouncey with clearly-pasted on blue beanie balancing against his luscious beard. Travis Brown with a cartoon blue beanie in front of a large fish tank, perhaps channeling “The Life Aquatic.” Ashley Bischoff, who “caught the dreaded lurgy” and settled for an existing photo with cartoon blue beanie. Matthew Atkinson wearing a cartoon blue beanie and a real-life smile (as he always does). Heydon Pickering with what appears to be a blue beanie fed through a flatbed scanner and dropped onto his photo. Jon Metz with a striped blue beanie and an expression that, well, I really have no idea why they let me write this alt text because I have no idea what he is doing.
Categories: Development