Beauty Company Cleanlogic Adds Braille to Packages

Makeup/body care packaging has been historically inaccessible for those who are blind or have low vision, but that’s slowly changing. Cleanlogic, a body-care brand, wants to change that. If makeup packaging is inaccessible, sometimes “individuals…actually have a neighbor or family member come over and help them braille all this product, and it’s cumbersome in terms of the time spent just to go through the process,” says Isaac Shapiro, creator of the Cleanlogic brand.

As one part of a brand-wide rebrand, all Cleanlogic packages will now be made from paper instead of plastic. Thanks to this change, the company can easily print Braille onto each package. While Cleanlogic will need to create new molds for all products, this process is not excessively expensive—though it is proportionally more expensive for smaller companies than huge beauty brands.

Cleanlogic is the latest in a small string of high-profile companies that are part of the shift towards introducing accessibility in packaging and website design in the makeup industry. These companies include Humanrace, Procter & Gamble’s Herbal Essences series, L’Occitane, Dr. Jart, Whamisa, Victorialand Beauty, Topicals, Derma E, and Bioderma. Each company that makes its products more accessible creates a more fair market for customers who are blind or have low vision.

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